Our products are made with love by hand in small batches, to assure highest quality standards.

Our products are made  with love by hand in small batches, to assure highest quality standards.

Our family recipes aren’t just food on a plate, they’re love in a bowl, literal food for the soul. We always thought that the taste of homemade couldn't be bottled. And then 'the jar' happened. Well, at first we didn’t even realize that the jar had “happened”; it was just a way to say “happy summer” to some dear friends.

But it was what was in the jar that made all the difference.


Memorial Day

May 23, 2014

It is here- the unofficial start of summer! The farmers market have started, pop up shops are popping up everywhere and the roads are packed with people! Its summer time in The Hamptons. Our house is packed with people, and there is the sense of happiness all around. OSF was at the Hayground Farmers Market today and we will be at the Southampton Farmers Market on Sunday. We look forward to meeting so many new people and sharing our delicious product with as many people as we can. Please come by and say hi!

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March 27, 2014

Here on the East End, the birds are chirping, the grass in getting greener and the pace is starting to speed up just a bit. There are signs of better weather everywhere. Construction workers are busy at work, the famous 27 highway is getting a facelift and our favorites farms are beginning to open! The sounds of baseball bats cracking against balls, and cheering fans can be heard all afternoon. The smell of wood burning in the fireplace is starting to be replaced with the amazing smells of BBQ and soon enough BonFires on the beach. At Old School Favorites, we too are gearing up for summer. Our shelves are stocked with jars ready to be filled with the delicious...

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